RSS, Federated Search/Library Portal, and OpenURL

2004 April 19
by Karen

RSS, Federated Search/Library Portal, and OpenURL. I've been asked to take part in a session presenting on how RSS might be used in conjunction with an OpenURL link server (SFX), and a federated search and library portal product (MetaLib). I'm putting my first ideas down here,… [Overdue Ideas]

This topic is fascinating! It would be rather interesting to see RSS as part of federated searching. This would seem extremely important since the purpose of federated searching is to enable the searching of multiple database at once. RSS feeds seem particularly important to include in this since the information contained in RSS feeds is more timely than most other forms of information (articles, and books).

In addition, the information contained in RSS feeds can provide links to other information such as records for new books or articles in a particular journal. In a recent comment on Library Stuff, Owen Stephens talks about creating this sort of RSS feed (New Serials, and New Books by subject).

Very cool! I hope that I will be able to figure out how to do this at my library as well. Definately on my “To Do List” for this summer.

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