Web Technologies Reality Check

2004 April 25
by Karen

A good friend of mine was telling me about her library job search and was recounting a recent interview experience in which the search committee asked her “What is XHTML” based on the fact that my friend had it listed as one of her technology skills. Okay so I thought XHTML was old news. But maybe it isn't for some libraries. I started looking at library sites and realized that many sites are still using the HTML 4.01 specification, others have moved to the XHTML standard and some libraries are even exploring XML.

This is a great example of the diversity of web technology skill levels that exist across both libraries and librarians. Its hard to remember sometimes if you and your library are on the leading edge with your website that there are libraries and librarians out there still struggling with basic web skills. I often forget myself. Then I have a conversation with one of my collegues at one of the smaller SUNY's and come of the sudden realization of just how far apart we are in terms of skill levels. By the same token, I look at some of the stuff Owen Stephens and others are doing and feel like I am the one behind the learning curve.

The reality is that with web technologies, there is always something new to learn. However, I think that it important to realize that because of this almost all of us working in the library web world have some knowledge that we can offer to others. Hopefully by doing this we help each other out moving forward our levels of web knowledge.

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