10 Things I've Learned Presenting at Library Conferences

2004 April 26
by Karen

Michael's post 10 Things I've Learned Presenting at Library Conferences at Tame the Web is a great overview of things your should remember if you are presenting at a conference. Thanks for including Item number 1 – Always be Prepared. As the technology coordinator for a conference this year, this tip is so important. Trying to be prepared for presenters and their varying needs is difficult, but even the best planning can go awry. It really helps if the presenter is overly prepared, just in case.

I also sincerely appreciate two other points Michael makes.

5. Know your stuff, yes, but don't mind or falter if someone asks a question you cannot answer

I always worry about this and this is why I carry business cards. If I can't answer a question, either someone else can answer it or I am willing to investigate that is if the person asking the question is willing to wait.

10. Don't think: I could never speak at such-and-such conference.

I have this problem with conferences and publications. I always wonder if what I have to say is appropriate or of high enough quality for the conference or publication. However, the saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” holds true. So I just have to try and see what happens.

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