Project Croquet: What the web should have been…

2006 March 25
by Karen

Project Croquet: What the web should have been…

introduced by Marshall Breeding

Marshall explained that Croquet was something that he had seen at a meeting of the Coalition for Networked information and thought was worth showing to library and information professionals to let them know what is going on with radically new internet technologies. Marshall has an article about Open Croquet on his Library Technology Guides website (it originally appeared in the November/December 2005 issue of Computers in Libraries).  He gave a little background information on Croquet but then spent most of the time playing selected segments from a presentation on Croquet given by Julian Lombardi & Preston Austin that demonstrates many of Croquet’s capabilities, October 13th, 2005.


  • a computing environment intrinsically based on collboration
  • get beyonds the statelessness of the web
  • the web has to work harder to support multi-user real-time collaboration

User interfaces today are essentially document viewers and the same as what we had 20 years ago.
Croquet project wants to capture the value of documents within the context of a social situation.
The web solved the problem of distributing these paper documents but otherwise the web sucks.
Computers connected via peer to peer, virtual user environment

“cirque du croquet”

When you move objects they move in the virtual environment on the peer’s computer

coordinate multiple inputs into a virtual reality system

users can build spaces themselves and the peers see it.

Hyperlinkable extensible reality

Allows for explosive growth for an information system that scalable over larger numbers of people

Massive multi-user, online, collaborative environment, without servers

Co-browsering on a whole new level

Operating system independant

Because the “web page” we are looking at is local we can change it.

Integrated ability to show live video

What Marshall showed about this was mind-blowing/head turning. I really need to go watch the rest of the presentation so I can get a better sense of Croquet. Honestly I just can’t do it justice writing about it you need to check it out yourself.

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