Migrating my Linklog to Del.icio.us

2006 September 28
by Karen

A while back I decide that I wanted to migrate all my Furl links to Del.icio.us because Furl was giving me some trouble and I’d grown to like del.icio.us better. The problem was that I couldn’t figure out how to get it to import all 1600+ links at once and then get them to be shared. After some research and work though I finally figured out a process. My big problem was getting all my links shared automatically. Since I already had to do this manually to get my labels in Furl to be reasonable tags in Del.icio.us, I needed a quicker solution. FYI, if I had been smarter when I imported I probably could have used regular expressions and a global find and replace in a text editor to replace all the spaces with +. The key to getting my links all public was a little javascript I found which makes all your links on a page shared. Without this I would have had to spend a mind-numbing amount of time making things shared. You have to be careful using this since Del.icio.us will get upset a block you if you make too many request in too short of a time.

My other linklog problem is the fact that I flag things in Rojo and have no way to get them into Del.icio.us. There used to be a nifty little Greasemonkey extension. However, since Rojo has disabled the "Share" feature it no longer works. I’m bummed about this because it is much more time consuming to get things into Del.icio.us now. Rojo-folks how about adding this functionality? I can’t keep my regular bookmarks in Rojo so I need some easy way to get things from Rojo to Del.icio.us . I haven’t found anything yet and I’m open to suggestions. In the meantime, I’ll be doing some transfering of things by hand.

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