The Bib App – Eric Larson and Nate Vack

2007 March 1
by Karen

The Bib App – Eric Larson and Nate Vack

Idea: UW Bibliography

  • don’t know where people are publishing and need to capture this information
  • Directory
  • Citation
  • Citation Management
  • Archival rights (Sherpa/RoMEO)

What is it?

  • 12,000 + Citation
  • 2,700 Ready to Archive
  • 9 Departments
  • 257 People

Find items that are ready for deposit into Institutional Repositories

Written in Rails

How to use the system

  1. Import Directory Server data
  2. Add People
  3. Add Papers
  4. Collect the archival data from Sherpa
    • want to know if you can upload and archive the publisher’s copy
  5. Flag publishers that let you upload and archive the publisher’s copy
  6. Use OpenURL to get electronic copy and save PDF to server


  • Tag cloud of terms
  • List of people
  • Find an Expert
  • RSS feeds
  • People
  • Groups
  • Can see what kinds of places (open access friendly or not) people are publishing in
  • Create Dot files (Graphiz) – show who publishes with who
  • To Do List (it is not perfect)

    1. Sherpa/RoMEO
      • don’t have have complete coverage
      • Can’t disambiguate what copy (publisher, pre-print, etc) can be archived
    2. Our de-duplication is jacked
    3. Name collisions

    Get the code
    Google Code Project –

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