Code4lib wrap-up

2007 March 5
by Karen

For a number of reasons I’ve been a bit shell shocked the past couple of days and haven’t had a chance to post my code4lib wrap-up. Due to intense migraine there are no live notes from Day 3 (sorry!).

It is hard to capture in a blog post this year’s code4lib and do it justice. However, I will can honestly say it was one of the best conference experiences I’ve ever had. This year’s conference had a larger and more gender diverse audience. There was a fabulous preconference, great presentations, and helpful breakouts. Probably the thing I liked the best was just getting a chance to sit down, play with code, and have other people help me figure things out. The moment that captured the spirit of the conference for me was sitting with Terry Resse and Erik Hatcher talking about and playing with Solr. I learned a lot and got a tangible idea about how I was going to integrate a Solr-based application into my site. When I started the conference I felt overwhelmed with trying to get Solr running and building a usable application. By the end of the conference, my level of confidence was much greater. A great deal of that just had to do with working on stuff and having people answer questions and solve problems. It is a great feeling to come away with and one of the things that I value most about the code4lib community. I’m already looking forward to next year’s code4lib in Portland, OR!

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