ALA Mayhem Day 1 and 2

2007 June 23
by Karen

I’ve been at ALA for two days now and only really managed to get 1 blog post up. I normally blog more at conferences but this ALA is a busy one for me. I think that there is only one program that I’m going to be able to go to of my own free will. Even so, the conference is still incredibly productive for me. Meeting and talking to people, learning about what they are doing at lunch, LITA Happy Hour, or over drinks is so helpful.

Probably the most gratifying piece of the conference thus far has been the Social Software Showcase. Although we didn’t have a massive turnout, our numbers were relatively good and the quality of the conversations was incredible. Debating library issues with Michael Porter and Tim Spalding had to be the highlight of my day. I also got to meet Michael Habib in person for the first time. I’ve been using his graphic on Academic Library 2.0 for some time in talks and showing it to the people I work with.

Tomorrow is a very full day, including Top Tech Trends. I’ve decided of the incubator trends 2 of the 3 I’m going to talk about at the panel. I’m still debating the third and will likely decide at the absolute last minute, which one to talk about.

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