Why Internet on the Road is a MUST

2008 January 10
by Karen

It never fails that when I’m on the road something happens in the office that requires my attention. Maybe that is because I’m a control freak. Maybe it is because IMHO my department isn’t staffed well enough for us have optimal redundancy. Maybe it is because all the good continuing education and professional development are at the same time and so the staff all leave at the same time. Whatever the reason, I rarely leave the office where I don’t have to deal with some piece of business or troubleshooting from away.

To that end I alway have my laptop with me. The problem though is internet access. Some hotels I stay in have it (free), some make you pay; and others don’t have it at all. Which often leaves me looking for an Internet cafe to use to check on stuff. Not the best practice but I always change my passwords when I get home.

I’d really like a better solution, but I’m not overly keen on my options. Many wireless internet solutions require you to buy a special card for your computer and/or subscribe on a monthly basis, which isn’t what I want. After all I don’t need access all the time (I’m not on the road that much – thank god!).

One potential solution that I like the idea of is T-Mobile HotSpot Prepaid option. This services allows you to purchase a card with a set amount of access time on it. The only issue is you have to go to a store to buy the card. For $9.99, you can also buy access for a day via T-Mobile. This is good if you know you are going to need access for a large chunk of the day. Boingo has a similar plan which charges users $7.95 per day. Both these services seem like they are good options for folks who don’t travel extensively and just need small amounts of access. However, one should definitely check out each service’s coverage area before investing.

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  1. 2008 January 12

    Depending on your cell phone model, you can also use it to connect your laptop to the internet. If you have a cell phone that can browse the web, it might be worth searching for the word “tether” (that is what the techno geeks call using your cell phone to access the ‘net) and your cell phone model. You may come up with instructions on how to do it. For instance, I have an HTC 6800 with Windows Mobile 6 as the operating system and Sprint at the carrier. With their $15/month data plan I can access internet services on the phone and tether it to my PowerBook using Bluetooth.

  2. 2008 January 13
    scotru permalink

    iPhone / edge is good if you don’t need too much speed. Hopefully 3g capable iPhones will come out soon….

  3. 2008 January 18

    I hope technology can advance to the point where we can have access to the Internet no matter where you are at any time. It might me costly at first, but it is worth it for business owners who can’t afford to be away from the office for an extended amount of time. We need Internet on the road as soon as possible.

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