Off to code4lib

2008 February 23
by Karen

I leave for code4lib tomorrow and by some small miracle I’m actually going to have all my stuff ready to go. I’ve put together a list of things I’d like to do in Portland but how much of that I’m actually able to accomplish will depend on if I can check-in to my hotel a little early tomorrow and the weather being good. Tomorrow there is a chance of rain so I’m hoping that it will hold off so I can do some exploring. I’m also trying to decide on where to eat. Luckily there is a great list of potential places that was posted in the code4lib 2008 Google Group. So now I have to see which of the pizza places is reasonably near and sounds the best. The pizza I’ve had in Houston thus far is sad and I’m craving thin crust pies with tasty sauce and lovely cheese.

Additionally, Powells is a must for me. I missed out on it last time (when code4lib was in Corvallis) and intend to remedy that this year. Plus I really want to get a decent photo of Mt Hood if I can. So I’ve got to figure out the best way to accomplish this without a car at my disposal. If I’m lucky maybe the plane will fly over it and I can get a photo out the window.

I’m excited about helping with the LibraryFind preconference on Monday and hoping that I can actually successfully install Evergreen in that preconference. Several sessions look awesome and I hope to be able to do a lightening talk about our CMS which has advanced leaps and bounds since I showed it a year ago. Beyond that I’m just looking forward to a chance to catch up with folks and take a breather from my typical role of “being in charge”.

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  1. 2008 February 23
    Steve Casburn permalink

    Karen: I never had good pizza in Houston, either, come to think of it (I worked at UHD 2000-2005). But Spec’s and Tex-Mex made up for that and all other faults!
    Downtown is not the best place to get pizza in Portland, but Pizzicato (SW Broadway and Alder, three blocks from the code4lib hotel) is better than anything in Houston. Plus, it’s right on the way to Powell’s. Pizzicato is open ’til 8 on Sundays; Powell’s stays open ’til 11.
    Good luck! I hope you enjoy Portland!

  2. 2008 February 23

    Hey Karen,

    We’ve assembled a map with many of the points of interest already plotted, so that may make it easier to see which places are closest to the hotel:,-122.680893&spn=0.006735,0.012574&z=16

    If the weather is nice, you should be able to see Mt. Hood pretty easily. Last time I was in PDX, I took the light rail up to Washington Park — it’s a 10-minute trip from downtown, and costs only a couple bucks — where there are beautiful views of Mt. Hood. IIRC, you can see it from the rose garden and the Japanese classical garden. It was a bit hazy the day we went, and our camera is wimpy, so Mt. Hood didn’t show up very clearly in our photos, but you might have better luck. Good luck!

    See you in Portland.

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