WordPressMU Migration Drama

2008 March 19
by Karen

The last couple weeks at work have been taken up with the process of migrating our existing MovableType blogs to WordPressMU. I’d done some preliminary research for this process six months or more ago, but with the arrival of my hedge-minion (aka Web Services Coordinator) Rachel in October, I’ve been learning how to delegate, which I did with this project.

Based on my preliminary research, I thought that the migration should be a relatively easy process. Alas the project has had its share of drama. First, the LDAP plugin wouldn’t work without installing and configuring it in each blog. So our GA Naisargi found one that you configure and manage globally for all blogs. Next, the template we were working with was not written properly. Resulting in a foray into learning templates and widgets in WordPress. Then, when we moved from a test server to production, urls got broken and we had to run some update queries on the database to fix hostname. Then we had to deal with the fact that WordPressMU doesn’t natively like to do SSL. So we rewrote the login page to fix that issue.

Throughout the process Rachel and our GA Naisargi have been persistent, diligent, and tenacious in the face of adversity. Me I’ve been pulling my hair out with deadlines looming and wanting to get this project completed so I can move other things up in the queue. But if there is one thing I’ve learned about software implementation it is that the best laid plans… often have to be laid aside. I have my fingers crossed that things will come together this week, but if they don’t we will regroup and solve each problem as it comes at us until we get through it.

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  1. 2008 March 20

    Karen —

    Your post reminded me about a problem and a hack I put in place on my own WordPress installation to deal with a problem with SSL on admin pages. I don’t know if you’ve run into this or not, but AJAX functions on SSL-encrypted admin pages will fail because of the browser’s security settings. I’ve documented the problem and a solution/hack at the URL above. You might find it useful, too.

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