Creating Database lists with WordPress Link tool

2008 September 28
by Karen

After a recent post about using WordPress as a CMS, Darren commented and asked EXACTLY how I was doing this. My test site isn’t publicly available. So the best I can do is give a screenshot play by play of what I’m doing.

  1. Create Link Categories for the way you want to organize your databases. This can be pretty much anyway you want. In the case of my test site I have 7 categories.
  2. Create your links in WordPress using the Links functionality. Make sure you assign them to the categories that you want them to appear in.
  3. Install the Blogroll links plugin
  4. Create pages for each of your database lists. Insert the proper code into each page. Here I’m incorporating the list into a larger page which is about Reference resources.

How you link to these pages is up to you.

It is a pretty nifty trick that I’d highly reccomend for folks who want to maintain links of lists as part of their website.

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  1. 2008 September 30

    thanks — I appreciate the screenshots and explanation

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