ALA you are NOT on my good side

2009 January 5
by Karen

Okay, I have very little free time these days with juggling work obligations, article and book writing, blogging, and domestic duties. So I want my tech to work, particularly when it is supposed to make my life easier. ALA it seems enjoys making everyone’s life more difficult. First, there was this issue with the Event Planner only working in IE. Hello ALA what about us Mac users?!?!Don’t give me any BS about Parallels either. It isn’t free thank you and therefore I don’t have it at home. Granted I don’t use the event planner to keep track of events I’m going to. However, it is the only reasonable method I’ve found for searching for event information (ie what’s going on when at ALA) which I then put in Google Calendar then ones of interest. Then this morning I encountered the registration/hotel loop from hell. I’d try to get a hotel for ALA annual and one of two things would happen when I logged in. I either ended up on the Midwinter hotel request page or on a page that said registration was closed, which it shouldn’t have been since the website said it opened today. I finally gave up and used more reliable old tech, ie. phone to call and make a reservation. This of course involved and extended hold period (thank you speaker phone) but at least it got the job done.

ALA please, pretty please you need to think about this stuff. Scalable, cross platform web sites are a MUST. You aren’t setting a good example for libraries and librarians!

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  1. 2009 January 7

    Thanks for the feedback, Karen. Duly noted, and we’ll be working on this. Sorry about the frustration.

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