Favorite code4lib tidbits

2009 March 4
by Karen

I’ve been meaning to post my favorite bits from code4lib but arrived home only to get the flu. Finally, feeling well enough to edit and post this today.


Freebasing for Fun and Enhancement – Sean Hannan


Blacklight – Bess Sadler

Findability for your whole collection.

How are we going to replace the serendipity of physical browsing?

RSS Feeds
New books
New Music

Blacklight drops out MARC records

No single interface is going to do a good job for everyone. We need to give up on this!

Music search interface unique and specialized
Musical instrument

Specialized behavior for specialized objects
Bring in data from other sources like digital repositories
Image specific behavior (lightbox)
Digitized Book (page turning)


  • https://biblios.net/
  • Has a neat API for adding, editing metadata records
  • http://chriscatalfo.com/biblios – nifty ways to extend Biblios.et



  • User interface extensions componentized with JavascriptGoogle Book Search
  • Can be used in any system OPAC, Course Reserves, etc
  • Ratings from LibraryThing
  • Tags from LibraryThing
  • Can embed GoogleBook Search API
  • Can pull in lots of other types of content (video, chat box, etc)
  • Links out or can show it in context via an iFrame or a popup lightbox
  • http://juice-project.code.google.com


enjoysthin.gs – http://enjoysthin.gs

  • express your like for stuff on the web
  • quote text in context
  • show videos in context
  • photos or photosets


  • BagIt file package format – way to transfer records
  • Library of Congress transfer tools
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