Writing and waiting

2009 March 7
by Karen

This past June my first book was published. Working on a book can be a daunting processes because there can be a lot of waiting involved. Waiting from the time you turn in the manuscript to getting back revisions, waiting for page proofs, waiting for the actual book, and lastly in the case of this book, waiting to see royalties. The publisher of Library Blogging only pays once a year. So there has been lots of waiting and wondering how Jason and I were going to do. I got my answer yesterday and I think we did pretty well for only having 6 months of sales. All of this helps to motivate me on my next writing project, which has sort of stalled out due to a complete and total lack of time to write. I’m hoping to be able to find some time this month seeing that I’m home for three continous weeks. But I’ve got some serious background research to do first. Like installing SOPAC, Blacklight and VuFind. Sigh. Casey Bisson was awesome and walked me through installing Scriblio, which was a piece of cake. So I feel pretty spoiled and lucky because now I can write that section. I’m sort of excited/dreading to having to do the other three solo. SOPAC doesn’t look too bad but Blacklight and VuFind make me more nervous. But I’ve got to test them to write about them.

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  1. 2009 March 16
    Polly Potter permalink

    Congratulations on the Library Journal Movers & Shaker award. Well-deserved recognition for putting yourself into challenges and then delivering quality work.

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