CIL Day 1

2009 March 30
by Karen

Its the end first day of Computers and Libraries and already I’m wiped out. Maybe it was the two preconferences I taught or maybe it is seeing all the wonderful folks who are so passionate about what they do. They get me excited and I get them excited, its all very cool but exhausting.

Ironically, the majority of my learning is happening outside of sessions. I’ve done a ton of show and tell of stuff I’m working on and had people share their neat stuff with me. I’ve gotten to talk copyright, DRM, ebooks, and mashups. I’ve found other Innovative libraries somehow doing nifty stuff with their catalog, that I want to steal. I’ve created a Yahoo Pipe that does a mashup with the WorldCat Search API and Syndetics covers then showed it off to people. I’ve discussed digital library stuff non-stop and learned about more libraries I can remember using Drupal. I’ve learned about Silverback, how to use it to create screencasts and now need to get off my butt and try it.

Honestly, its been a blast so far. I’m most excited about the potential partnerships and collaborations I’ve been able to get the ball rolling on here. So much of the work I do germinates in the hallways and bars of conferences. I can’t imagine NOT being able to have the time and resources to do that.

Tomorrow I’m sure will bring more fun, learning and sharing.

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  1. 2009 March 31

    Wish I could be there! I look forward to talking with you when you get back about the various Drupal tips you’ve learned. Tell folks I say hi.

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