PHP 5.3 – Oh Dear

2010 March 4
by Karen

So I’ve been trying to setup a test server on my machine using XAMPP in order to do some testing with Drupal and a couple other content management systems including Joomla. The latest version of XAMPP includes PHP 5.3 and Drupal 6 and PHP 5.3 don’t play nice. Searching for a solution I discovered that PHP 5.3 breaks several other PHP-based applications. Two examples I read about are Joomla and bbPress. The result is that I can’t use XAMPP for testing Drupal. Worse though is that supposedly PHP 5.3 is standard in the latest release of Ubuntu. This is bad for two reason. First, my web host runs Ubuntu and needs to be warned not to upgrade. Second I’ll need to use an old Ubuntu image in Amazon EC2 to do testing if I intend to test Drupal.

While there is a supposed patch to make thing work, the whole situation is distressing and worrisome. Seeing as Drupal 7 is supposed to be coming out soon. I hope that the Drupal community has fixed the problem for that version. In the meantime, I’ll be doing my Drupal testing with Bitnami which is using an older version of PHP that works with Drupal.

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  1. 2010 March 4

    I also recommend for free dev hosting and autoinstalls of PHP apps, including Drupal.
    Also, I just started using VirtualBox + VirtualCloneDrive + OpenSolaris on WinXP. It’s more work upfront than XAMPP, but worth it.

  2. 2010 March 5
    Kristi permalink

    I had the same problem setting up a test server through WAMP testing Drupal 6. I was able to replace the PHP with an earlier version, though, to keep testing.

  3. 2010 March 8

    Thanks for the links to Bitnami and webenabled – great to have alternatives for development environment!

  4. 2010 May 28
    Vlado permalink

    Use Zend Server CE instead. There is both a 5.3 and 5.2 bundles. Good luck

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